søndag den 6. februar 2011

1. semester exam

We got a 3 days test.
Make Danny(cats don't dance) jump over a hole.

However annoying the character looks, he was great fun push around. As a jump is a quite broad action i choosed to make it "gerade aus"! A few thumbnails positioning him in the given layout, and go.

The result was quite a fluent movement, but the character also shrinks and doesn't follow the perspective of the layout. Bummer.

Workflow (how it was):
Straight ahead
enhancing keys, breakdowns and inbetweens(Fail)

Workflow (how it should have been):
Thumbnails(fairly posed character)
Straight ahead
enhancing keys and breakdowns
Planning timing and spacing with help from the straight ahead
eat inbetweens
draw new clear inbetweens

Other assignments with Danny:
Danny as conductor

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